Smart Home

Smart Home


Tech Doctor is first and foremost a team of technology obsessed geeks. The recent explosion of accessible, affordable and customisable smart home solutions has naturally ignited a passion in all of us and we have to admit that we have become a little obsessed with smart home solutions. We have automated and ‘smartified’ more and more aspects of our own homes.

We recently decided to share this joy and the plethora of fantastic solutions that we have discovered and carefully curated over the last few years with our customers. Tech Doctor has built a dedicated division to help build integrated, bespoke smart home solutions and automations. Gone are the days where automation and smart home solutions are reserved for those with 6 or 7 figure budgets. Our range of solutions is modular, fully customisable and truly budget friendly.

Our solutions are all user friendly and easy to use; intended to delight and make life just that little bit easier and more convenient.

A few examples of automations we are currently offering include:

  • Comprehensive WiFi Solutions – this is the backbone of any smart home
  • Controlling garage doors and gates via smart phone or voice – this solution is really a lot of fun and comes fully installed for R999
  • Smart security, alarm systems and cameras (indoor or CCTV)
  • Apple Homekit specific solutions
  • Smart assistant integrated solutions built around Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home or Apple’s Siri
  • Smart lighting and power – we offer a wide range of solutions to make your lights and appliances smart

These are just a few generic ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We can build smart automation to meet even your most strange request. These solutions are always personal and built specifically to help you solve a problem or make your life easier.

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