WiFi Design, Installation & Optimisation

WiFi Design, Installation & Optimisation


WiFi has fast become a staple in our lives and something that is an absolute requirement in today’s interconnected world. Excellent connectivity and stable, high functioning, reliable WiFi is core to every home and business.

Tech Doctor specialises in the design, installation & optimisation of WiFi networks; allowing you to maximise wireless coverage and to get the most out of your internet connection.

We operate multiple teams with a multi-disciplinary focus, spanning network cabling, WiFi design and network engineers. Tech Doctor has assisted over 3000 customers with a vast range of WiFi solutions.

Our core solutions have been built around Home and SME WiFi but we have also successfully built a number of solutions for larger businesses, industrial warehouses and event WiFi.

Our preferred approach is to schedule a no obligation, free assessment for one of our WiFi architects to come out and do a site assessment. This allows us to get a good understanding of your needs and pain points as well as to build a solution best suited to your space. Our solutions can be fully tailored to meet your requirements and budget. We are fully vendor agnostic and support a wide range of products that cover the full scope of technical and budgetary needs.

Network cabling

In an ideal scenario a WiFi network is run over ethernet cables. This provides a rock solid, reliable backbone to your network. We have multiple cabling teams, who take pride in exceptionally neat, technically excellent installations. Our teams are also fully certified structured cabling installers and are able to provide a range of formally certified structured cabling installations when required.

Mesh Solutions

In some instances it is just not possible to run WiFi over ethernet and in these cases we suggest a Mesh set up. We have tried and tested all of the mesh products currently on the market and only recommend the best and most reliable ones. Even the most modern and reliable mesh products can still be a little unpredictable due to varied WiFi interference and other factors, and, for this reason, we offer all of our Mesh solutions with a 7-day trial period. If it doesn’t meet your needs or perform to your standards, we will collect the device after 7 days at no charge.

Managed WiFi

We provide a full range of Access Points (APs) and this includes fully managed solutions. These can be hosted on our cloud controllers or onsite if preferred. These solutions can also include more advanced, enterprise grade monitoring, firewall and advanced networking functionality as required.

Load Shedding

Our WiFi and installation teams have portable power stations and silent generators to ensure that we can continue with installations, deployments and assessments uninterrupted by load shedding.

Tech Doctor was a pioneer in the space of building solutions to keep routers online during load shedding and we were the first to market with a range of router UPS solutions. Over time many other products have come to market and this has resulted in the space becoming very commoditised. We are able to provide and advise on the best solutions to help keep your network and WiFi online during even the worst stages of load shedding.

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